The University of Toronto Data Science Team

We’re glad to announce that we are collaborating with the UofT Data Science Team, lead by Professor Guerzhoy, who is a Computer Science Lecturer at the University of Toronto and a Data Science Consultant.

The UofT Data Science Team (UDST) exists to provide hands-on data science experience for students who already have a medium-to-high level of competency in programming, machine learning, or statistics.

Members of the UDST can choose between:

  • The Wild Team, which is focused on skill development through smaller projects;
  • The Challenge Team, which competes in large-scale Data Science challenges like those published on; and
  • The Infrastructure Team, which works with the previous teams to provide backend technologies and cloud computing know-how.

All of the sub-teams offer a great opportunity to build technical competency working alongside other fantastic and highly interested students.

Interested in joining or just learning more about the UofT Data Science Team?

Don’t hesitate to reach out!

*New members are accepted on a monthly basis.

Contact Info:

  • Paul Seufert:
  • Professor Guerzhoy: